Salvaged Oak Tree to Make Shelves and Benches

Salvaged Oak Tree

Last year we salvaged a felled oak tree not far from Seth's metal shop in Silverton, Oregon.  We'd already been create metal brackets for two years at this point, and were excited to hear about the option of salvaging the lumber from this giant tree. 

salavaged lumber 

The owner of the property is local miller, who contacted Seth after a huge storm knocked down one of the trees in the Oak grove next to his house. He shared how these trees and the property had been in his family for decades and he hoped that someone could salvage it. He offered to cut and plane the felled tree for us. Seth measured out how many shelves and benches we might be able to make out of this beautiful old tree. 

Salavaged oak tree

Look at all those rings! 

Cutting a Wood Log

Hauled and preparing to cut it! 

Beautiful slabs dried out and ready for making wood shelves and benches!

We hope to offer this beautiful salvaged wood along with our shelf brackets in the shop soon, stay tuned!