heavy duty shelf brackets for open shelving
heavy duty iron shelf bracket
handmade steel shelf bracket finishes in waxed, black, and brass
Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets - 2" Wide
Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets - 2" Wide
Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets - 2" Wide

Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets - 2" Wide

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Looking for extra strong shelving? Our Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets hold about 100 pounds each making them an ideal choice for industrial shelving, heavy shelves, and commercial spaces. 

Our heavy duty shelf brackets are handmade with 2" wide x 1/4" thick, locally sourced flat bar steel with pre-drilled holes in the bracket leg support.  We also include necessary matching bolts with each order for quick and easy shelf installation.

Choose from 2 bracket finishes:
WAXED: rustic, raw steel look with a high-grade wax to prevent rust and leaves no residue
POWDER COATED BLACK: modern, smooth matte finish to prevent rust and scratches  (no longer available in brass for 2" wide brackets) 

QUANTITY OF SHELF BRACKETS: For strength and safety, we suggest using the following guidelines based on shelf length:

0”-36” = 2 Brackets
37”-68” = 3 Brackets
69”-100”= 4 Brackets
101”-132”=5 Brackets
133”-164”=6 Brackets

See what our customers are saying:  

"Wonderfully constructed from a knockout company! I was wondering if the shelving would be sharp to touch but they are perfectly smooth and very nicely coated to cover the raw metal. I will be keeping an eye out for more things to order from them and spreading the word about this awesome company!"

"Substantial and well finished, with no sharp edges. Ready to install, needing no prettying up or smoothing down or adjusting. This is a pleasing, simple design, hefty yet graceful. These brackets are even nicer in person than pictured. Thank you!"

"Excellent quality and customer service!! I ordered 14 of these for open shelves for a kitchen remodel for a client. They had to be a custom size for the shelves we were hanging and also needed to be heavy duty for the amount of weight that was being put on the shelves. Turned out perfect!!"