Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket - J Style 2" Wide
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Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket - J Style 2" Wide

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Our heavy duty floating shelf brackets provide a strong and secure design for open shelving.  Your floating shelf is created with 2" wide J style brackets that securely holds your boards. 

Each J bracket is made by hand with 2" wide x 1/4" thick flat bar steel and can hold about 100 lbs each. A 6" leg support mounts to the wall above the shelf. Your shelf board rests on the bracket arm with a 1" high lip wrapping around the front and can hold about 75 lbs each. 

Two 1/4" lag bolts are included with each bracket order for quick and easy installation.

We recommend ordering shelf brackets based on the size of your shelf. You'll need a bracket closest to the depth of your shelf. (example: a 7.25" deep shelf board works with a 7.25" shelf bracket). 

Our J brackets are available in 3 high-quality finishes:

Natural Waxed Bracket: treated with a high-grade protective wax that resists rust, undetectable to sight and touch

Powder Coated Black Bracket: professionally powder coated creating a smooth, matte black finish to prevent rust and scratches

Powder Coated Brass Bracket:  modern, low gloss, brass- toned finish (may not be available in all bracket sizes)

QUANTITY OF BRACKETS: For strong, secure shelves, we suggest using the following guidelines based on the length of your shelf board

0”-36” = 2 Shelf Brackets
37”-68” = 3 Shelf Brackets
69”-100”= 4 Shelf Brackets
101”-132”=5 Shelf Brackets
133”-164”=6 Shelf Brackets

Customer Reviews: 

"Super fast shipping, and arrived in perfect condition. They look beautiful on the wall with the included bolt screws. I'll be back for more."

"These brackets are absolutely ideal in each and every way. Precision sizing made the shelving fit easily."

"Love love love these brackets! Awesome with the reclaimed wood shelves we put up in our dining area."