Installation Hardware (Pair)

Installation Hardware (Pair)

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Basic installation hardware is included with each order. However, some projects may require additional or different bolts. We gladly offer color-matched options in sets of TWO to help with your installation. Please use photo guide and description below to order:

1. LAG BOLTS: 1/4"x2" long, Installation into wall studs, works with regular drywall up to ½” or ⅝” thick

2. TOGGLE BOLTS: 1/4"-20x2.50"long, recommended for standard walls up to 1” thick when a wall stud is NOT an option

3. XL LAG BOLTS: ¼”x3.5” long, installation in wall studs with thick walls up to 2.5” thick *pre-drill is especially necessary

4. XL TOGGLE BOLTS: ¼”-20x4” long, for thicker walls between 1” and 2.50” thick when a wall stud is NOT an option

5. MASONRY BOLTS: ¼”- 1-⅞” long, for installation into brick or stone

6. FLUSH MOUNT SCREWS: .75" screw to attach boards to brackets 

7. SHORT LAG BOLTS (not pictured): 1" Lag bolts 


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Installation instructions

  • View Installation sheet(PDF)

Installation instructions

  • View Spec sheet(PDF)