Common questions about our shelf brackets and business:

How to install shelf brackets?

It's probably easier than you think! It requires just a few common tool and a little planning. Check out our complete post with step by step instructions for installing your shelf brackets. 

Do you create custom shelf brackets? 

Yes! We are happy to work with you to create brackets custom fit for your shelving project. Just send us a message. 

Does wood come with the steel brackets?
Soon! Right now, we are offering our steel brackets without the wood shelf. This allows you to use your own shelves, reclaimed barn wood, or standard lumber from your local home improvement store.

However, we have recently salvaged a local Oak tree felled nearby and are working on shelf kits now!

How many metal brackets do I need?
Great question.  For strong and safe shelves, we suggest using the following guideline based on shelf length:

0”-36” =     2 Brackets

37”-68” =   3 Brackets

69”-100”=  4 Brackets

101”-132”=5 Brackets

133”-164”=6 Brackets

What is the lead time for your metal brackets?
We work hard here at Cascade Iron Co. to get orders out as soon as possible. Typically, we ship out orders within 3 days, though larger orders may take a few more and custom orders or powder coating may tack on a bit more. If you take a look at our reviews, you’ll see that quick turnaround and customer service is something we take pride in.

Do you have an Etsy shop?  Yep, you can visit us on Etsy too, Cascade Iron Co.

Can I return these shelf brackets, I made a mistake in measuring them?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns unless a mistake is made on our end.  In the rare case this occurs, we will work extremely hard to fix it for you!