Where to Buy Wood Shelves

Many people ask, "where can I find wood shelves for metal brackets?" There are many options available and we’ve outlined some of the most common wood shelf sources along with some of the pros and cons for each.

1. Dimensional Lumber:

If you're wondering how to make cheap wood shelves, dimensional lumber, also called common lumber, is found at the hardware store and relatively inexpensive.

Places like Home Depot or Lowe’s carry dimensional lumber and have many sizing options. This is the most common option our customers use for wood shelves.


  • Relatively inexpensive option
  • Hardware stores will cut the board to the desired length for free
  • Standard sizing and dimensions  (use our dimension guide)
  • Additional wood species in addition to common pine
  • Easy to obtain


  • Boards require sanding & finishing
  • Typically not a wide selection of wood species available
  • Sizing can be confusing at first (be sure to use our common lumber sizing guide!) 


2. Finished Shelves:

Many websites and hardware stores offer pre-made shelves that are ready to install. These include both laminated wood, real wood shelves or butcher block.


  • Completely finished with no sanding or staining needed
  • Available in different species and stains
  • Fairly easy to obtain


  • Often sold in irregular sizes (which can limit bracket options)
  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited sizes typically available

Some examples:

Hurd & Honey Shelves (they are great folks to work with!)

Rejuvenation White Oak Shelving

Butcher Block Shelf


3. Live Edge or Reclaimed Wood Shelves:

A more unique shelving option includes salvaged or reclaimed wood. These can be found at local salvage lumber yards, mills, or architectural salvage stores. 


  • May be less expensive
  • Creates unique and one of a kind shelving 
  • Beautiful pieces of wood not found in stores


  • Typically found in irregular sizes (which can limit bracket options, typically L Bracket work best)
  • Some options may be especially expensive
  • May require additional prep work and finishing

Sources in Your Area: Urban Lumber Directory 

4. Custom Shelves:

Wood shelves created to specific dimensions and design are another option for creating open shelving. This requires hiring a woodworker or carpenter to make the shelves to your specifications. 


  • Shelves are created exactly as desired
  • Provides a solution for difficult spaces
  • Most carpenters can work with our brackets and may install shelves


  • Typically very expensive
  • Can be difficult to locate or hire knowledgeable woodworker
  • May be long delays in shelf making process



As you can see there are many shelf options for every budget and DIY comfort level. We hope this helps provide options for wood shelves to use with our metal shelf brackets. 

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