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L Bracket

Our L bracket support is a popular standard for strong, sturdy shelving.  This shelf bracket style is extremely versatile and ideal for kitchen shelving, bookshelves, bathroom shelves, or pantry storage.  Available in both standard and heavy duty options, use these brackets for many different DIY or commercial projects. 

Because the exact shelf depth size is not necessary with this bracket style, they are a great solution for live edge shelves or uncommonly sized boards. 

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metal shelf bracket metal finishes
Metal L Bracket for Wood Shelves
Sale priceFrom $9.00 USD
Heavy Duty L BracketCascade Iron Co. metal finishes
Heavy Duty L Bracket
Sale priceFrom $12.00 USD
glass shelf bracketsbrackets for glass shelves
Metal Bracket for Glass Shelves
Sale priceFrom $10.00 USD
1 Double Shelf Bracket, Wall Mounted C Brackets1 Double Shelf Bracket, Wall Mounted C Brackets
Double Shelf Bracket
Sale priceFrom $24.00 USD