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Metal Brackets for Glass Shelves
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glass shelf brackets

Metal Brackets for Glass Shelves

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These metal brackets are created especially for glass, marble or acrylic shelves. We've taken our best-selling L brackets and omitted the drill holes on the top of the bracket so the shelf can simply rest on top. We include small silicon pads to keep the shelf from shifting.

Each shelf bracket is made in our metal shop and can hold about 75lbs. Our brackets are made with 1" wide x 1/4" thick steel with a 6" leg that mounts to the wall. To order, choose the bracket size based on your shelf depth. We recommend the bracket be at least 2/3 of the shelf board depth. (The size refers to the depth of the shelf bracket).

Includes ONE L shelf bracket, two lag bolts for installation into a wall stud, and two silicon pads.

Choose from one of our finishes:
NATURAL WAXED: Hand waxed finish protects the metal yet shows the rustic, industrial natural look of dark raw steel (rust-resistant but can rust outdoors or high humidity areas such as bathrooms)
POWDER COATED STEEL: professional powder coating for a sleek semi-matte finish to prevent rust and scratches (ideal for bathrooms)

QUANTITY OF SHELF BRACKETS: For strength and safety, we suggest using the following guidelines:

0”-36” = 2 Brackets
37”-68” = 3 Brackets
69”-100”= 4 Brackets
101”-132”=5 Brackets
133”-164”=6 Brackets