Double Shelf Bracket


We've adapted our traditional, best-selling L supports to create these Double Shelf Brackets. This design is a modern twist to shelving and makes installation even easier. Includes ONE C Bracket with coordinating installation hardware.

Each double shelf bracket is created by hand and can hold 75 lbs each when properly installed. We've included dimensions, and ordering recommendations below and in the second photo so please keep reading.

SIZE: The size of the double shelf bracket refers to the depth of the shelf bracket arm with 12" space between the two arms. To order, choose the bracket size based on your shelf depth:

5" bracket works with shelves 5" - 7.5" deep
7" bracket works with shelves 7" - 10" deep
9" bracket works with shelves 9" - 12" deep
11" bracket works with shelves 11" - 13" deep

HARDWARE: We also include two matching 1/4"x2" long lag bolts for easy installation into wall studs and four 1/4" x 1" lag bolts to attach shelf. We recommend installing into wall studs, when that is not possible we suggest toggle bolts.


  • Clear Coated: raw steel coated with a clear protective coating that lets natural metal variations shine through

  • Powder Coated Black: a smooth, matte black finish

  • Brass: professional powder coated soft brass finish

QUANTITY: Double Shelf Brackets are sold individually, for strength and safety, we suggest using the following guidelines-

0”-36” = 2 Brackets
37”-68” = 3 Brackets
69”-100”= 4 Brackets
101”-132”=5 Brackets
133”-164”=6 Brackets


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