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Article: How to Make Laundry Room Shelves

How to Make Laundry Room Shelves

The laundry room is an often over looked space, making it a perfect location for adding functionality and shelves! Whether you’re adding a single shelf above the washer and dryer or reconfiguring the room to add more storage and options, we’ve got lots of ideas and suggestions for you! 

Also, we have a general shelving guide for creating shelves, but here we outline important things to consider for laundry room shelving! 

Shelf Functionality

First, consider how the shelves will function. We recommend thinking about what the space needs before choosing a shelf bracket style. 

For example, will they be holding heavy items? Are there space limitations due to water hookups or the lid from the washer? Would towel bars or hooks under the shelves make the space even more functional? 

Shelf Size

Next, choose the size of the shelf.

Laundry room shelves are typically 10-12” deep. Larger shelves may sound like a good idea to add in a lot of space but shelves larger than 15” deep typically require a design with additional support.

*If using common lumber (e.g. Home Depot), check out our Dimensional Lumber Guide first! 

Shelf Quantity

When considering the number of brackets need, we recommend the following guidelines based on a shelf board’s length:

Shelf Length Quantity of Brackets
 0" -36" 
37”-68” 3
69”-100” 4
101”-132” 5
133”-164” 6


Type of Bracket Needed

After shelf size is confirmed, choose the bracket style.

We offer several versatile bracket styles but a few work best for laundry room shelves. 

Because space below shelves is often needed for the washer and dryer or folding, we recommend brackets installed with the back wall leg above shelf.

J Brackets

These are our most popular brackets. Easy to install and space saving - perfect for laundry room shelving.

 L Brackets

These versatile brackets do not have a front lip and so they do not need to be the exact size of shelf. They also attach to the board directly so are ideal for heavier shelves.

To add bars or hooks beneath the shelf, this style is optimal. 

Shelf Installation:

Once the shelves and brackets are chosen, it's time to install! We have a complete step by step Installation Guide which is great for planning your project.

More Laundry Room Storage:

While planning and creating shelves, it's also a good time to consider adding even more functionality.

Installing one of our versatile metal bars under a shelf instantly creates a a drying rack while wall hooks offer solutions for hanging baskets, brooms, and other laundry room essentials. 

Questions? We Can Help!

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